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MAAA is open to a wide range of artistic expressions on the topic of HIV/AIDS. All rights remain with the artists. MAAA is a vehicle for their distribution to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS issues. We also offer all artists the opportunity to submit a short biography along with their submission that we will concurrently publish.

You may submit your art -- letters, paintings, drawings, cartoons, song and story, etc. -- to MAAA through one of two methods:

ONLINE: Please send your submission in electronic form to .

We will accept the following document types: pdf, psd, png, jpg, gif, tiff, esp, txt. Should your submission be in another format, please contact us and we can accommodate your circumstances. Due to the risk of viruses, we will not be accepting Word documents, so please submit your biography as a text file (.txt) and an appropriate photo as a .jpg.

BY MAIL: Please send your submission to:
MAAA Forum
c/o Roland Futterer
Lindauer Str. 7
D-10781 Berlin, Germany

You can expect a decision by the artistic coordinator within two to four weeks after receipt of your submission.