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maaa was founded by several individuals seeking to use the power and reach of the internet to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS issues.

maaa´s vision is to support many individuals and communities infected or affected by the disease by giving them a platform and a voice, and as important, to work with them directly on the ground.

We use arts to explore the often controversial issues surrounding HIV/AIDS, including sexuality and death. These issues alone often bring out strong emotions, and we hope that all visitors respect their own boundaries around these topics.

   maaa is definitely not about pornography, although the problem of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases starts with the way one looks and deals with sex and sexuality. Thus, by nature HIV/AIDS is a sexualized theme.

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ELcoco: "Do not confuse it with the real thing"

However, we fundamentally feel that through the process of artistic expression and contribution, contemplation of taboos, discussion and mutual support, people can find a powerful means through which to change their sexual behavior to save their own lives as well as those of others.

:: maaa NGO
maaa Society is a non-profit, non-govermental organization (NGO) with its registered office in Berlin, Germany. ( 24372NZ)

The Society was founded in November 2004 by a group of doctors, artists, psychotherapists, teachers and other activists.

maaa NGO is supporting community-based, long-term HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness projects in East Africa. The projects aim at sensitizing and mobilizing the communities at large and to network and collaborate with active individuals and groups both on the ground and in the internet. One of maaa's main activities, in collaboration with patners and friends in Tanzania, is the initiation and support of the new and rapidly evolving grassroots movement WATU WA WATU ("People Serve People") which originated in the Southern part of rural Tanzania.

Interview with the Masai tribe at Malinyi by E. Mwemi: What do you know and what do you want to get to know about Aids?

The work of WATU WA WATU involves:
  • the sensitization and mobilization of different individuals, groups, communities,tribes and thier leaders (e.g. Masia and Sukuma and others),
  • the integration of health professionals and other skilled members of the community to promote and foster community engagement, to form peer-groups and organize formal adult education, HIV programmes, design and implementation of policies supporting the fight against AIDS,
  • the training of facilitators in workshops and seminars,
  • the integration of local dance, performanc and theatre groups, and other artistic tools, both as life performances and as video presentation in educational sessions,
  • the production of local teaching materials (videos etc) from `people to people´,
  • the building of meeting information centres for members of WATU WA WATU and their communities,
  • the collaboration with the local tribes, local village leaders, schools, churches, hospital, other organizations and govermental structures to find effective ways to tackle the HIV/AIDS epidemic together and respond in a more effective and co-ordinated way.

Usiku Usiweke ("Beware of the darkness")
raising awareness through music,
dance and performance (left and right)

For more information about the history and the project of WATU WA WATU, click THE PROJECT

:: maaa HISTORY

The foundation of maaa NGO in the autumn 2004 actually started with an idea born in the spring 2004 during a visit to UNAIDS in Geneva by some of today´s members listening to Dr. Werasit Sittitrai, Associate Director, Department of Policy, Strategy and Research, UNAIDS, talk fervently and inspirationally about the challenge and the chance for the global prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Sittitrai ended his talk by sowing a fertile seed:

If you want, each of you can save thousands and millions of lives!!!

Inspired by this visit, the idea spread and a small group of doctors, artists, teachers, psychotherapists and other dedicated individuals actually came together to form the maaa Team. All members of maaa Team are interested - in their personal way and according their ability - to contribute to the global efforts to reverse the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and help to develop tools to assist and support affected individuals and communities.

The Team is also joined by regional partners who provide a first point of contact for artists, activists and implementers wishing to participate in some way in maaa. To contact our regional partners, please click on CONTACT