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maaa's core activity is to collect and electronically publish artistic works - photos, letters, paintings, drawings, cartoons, song and story -- in every form. Like different reflections from all cultures, these artistic works on the maaa market place are part of the growing global mirror revealing both of the contributors' and the visitors' experience. This reflection encourages active thought and contemplation of HIV/AIDS and its concious prevention, issues of sexuality, sexual behaviour, life and death, health and disease, questions of taboos and culturally-shaped norms, and thus enhances the process of a new awareness.

We hope that maaa platform will be constantly growing, developing and continuing to enrich the lives of many people. Some pieces will most likely evoke strong emotions. Please consider your own boundaries when viewing the work of the artists represented here.

Title: Safe World Save Lives
by Roland E. Futterer and Arianna Toscano
Title: Libido and Tanatos
by Sibylla Stadelmayer, et al.
Title: The Harmless Hand
by Sibylla Stadelmayer
Title: For a safe and happy journey through existence
by Arianna Toscano, et al.
Title: The only one left in the village is also a victim
by Levo Katus, 13 years, Ifakara, Tanzania.
Title: Aids is kill
by Dominick Kulunge, Morogoro, Tansania.
Title: Safari salama - safe journey
by KINYWELE, Ifakara, Tanzania.
Title: Kiboko salama
by KINYWELE, Ifakara, Tanzania.
Title: Aids orphans struggling...
by Godfrey Mgandila, 14 years, Ifakara, Tanzania.
Title: All different leadars...
by Godfrey Mgandila.
Title: Be friends...
by Godfrey Mgandila.
Title: Don't separate...
by Godfrey Mgandila.
Title: Aids - coming with high speed
by Felix Lupembe, Lugala.
Title: Hata mimi! Even Me!
by Felix Lupembe, Lugala.
Title: Hatari, tembea hatua kubwa - danger, taking big steps
by Felix Lupembe, Lugala.
Title: Kuileza ja mii, wazo kubwa - talk to the societies, big thought
by Felix Lupembe, Lugala.
Title: Mr. Love
by Felix Lupembe, Lugala.
Title: Nani ata kaye ni saidia , usitenganishe! - who will help me, donīt isolate!
by Felix Lupembe, Lugala.
Title: My relatives - don't leave me
by Thumani Mkoleli.
Title: Patient without help
by Musa, 11 yrs old, Ifakara, Tanzania
Title: Fighting for Equal Rights
by Jim Gay, Nairobi
Title: Who's to Blame
by Jim Gay, Nairobi