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FishyBob and the FerryBoat

FishyBabe was born in a peaceful pond high up in the green mountains where the water was clear like a mirror and the air vibrating the pure light of the sun.

His body still felt tiny as a pebble, but his mind dwelt in a vast ocean of happiness. Underneath, in the very depth of the pond, bubbled a merry spring ever sparkling with golden drops.

With the time FishyBabe grew bigger and the pond seemed to become smaller

and smaller. One day, all of a sudden, the little creature was swept away from the pond by an unknown force down into a steep stream of a narrow canyon, as fast as water can flow and in the same instant FishyBabe was drawn into a tremendous roaring waterfall where all his sight and senses ceased.

FishyBabe came to wake up in a new world on the slopes of a of a riverside. Here, the pond was far and forgotten.

The river was a beautiful dark green belt shining with love and singing with joy.

In the shelter of flowering trees FishyBabe grew up dancing to the gargling music of the river whenever possible. Thatīs why he was soon known as FishBob from the riverside.

The years past in joy, but one day FishyBob suddenly fell very sad.

He was a young, big, strong and proud fish by now ,having grown out of his children's wear. This day the waves of the river had turned into bright, heavy silver. From the other side, which was unknown land, FishyBob heard the wispering sounds of the wind trying to the tell him a new, strange story with sweet words. The more he listened the deeper sunk these sweet word into his heart of great sadness. The days of childhood were over, yet the future was still unknown. As he kept listening to the flow of sweetness from deep within a warmth evolved and before FishyBob realized his chest stood high on burning fire.

It was the fire of longing and too late - his mind was already gone - with eyes, ears and all his soul looking for the source of the promising sounds far on the other side.

Driven by an endless desire his restless soul made him leave his home hoping to find a bridge further down to cross the waters and quench the thirst of his heart.

But downstream the river grew broader with no bridge to build as broad, with insidious currents and huge voracious animals , the far-feared Hatari-clan whose only wish and talent it was to kill whoever with their soundless attacks.

At the same time the wind raised its voice to unknown heights, and FishyBob, the big and proud fish, could now, for the first time, clearly hear the song of songs which was LOvyLOve.

LOvyLOve was the hidden secret and treasure on the other side of the river playing with the wind and high grass her eternal song of her very nature -LOvyLOve.

Mad by her enchanting love and with a burning chest that was close to burst, FishyBob could not resist any longer. He was desperate and decided to through himself into the dangerous dark floods towards this promise of paradise.

Just as he stood on a huge stone stretching into the waters, ready to jump, a white majestic cloud appeared above his head with two magnificent wings touching the far horizons and between them a big Eye gazing at FishyBob with unshakable peace and immeasurable compassion.

Awestruck by the view, FishyBob heard the words resounding like thunder out of a deep silence:" Dear Son of A Fish, donīt be stupid! Be mindful and take the FerryBoat 5 miles downstream!"

And the vision disappeared like an echo into the blue. FishyBob knew on the spot that this has been his long forgotten, ancient friend AwareNessy from the far-away green mountains and he did not hesitate an instant to follow her advice.

As he came close to the place where the ferry lay in a huge bending arm of the river his heart started to beat faster. The ferryBoat was round and made of thick shining rubber. Inside the boat stood a wrinkled-faced old man warmly welcoming FishyBob with a big smile and twinkling eyes of wisdom. FishyBobs emotions were still wild and burning, but since the encounter with AwareNessy, there was a cooling confidence and clarity reflected in his mind and a growing joy beyond the turbulent emotions in the depth of his heart. As the journey led them across the river the old FerryMan told FishyBob who listened with big eyes that he had crossed the river millions of times in this Rubbyboat and that the Hatari-clan never ever was able to attack it. And thus, finally, they reached safely the shores of LOvyLOve.